Fable and Fantasy

Album release on Oct 30 2015

The Minotaur’s Head

A 6-track free digital EP released on Kahvi.org

Echaskech – Sovereign Sequence EP

My 'Mint' remix of Echaskech's track 'Sovereign System'

The Metronomical Boy

My third studio album release as 'Mint'

Compilation Release: Music City Lovers

Released by Café Après-Midi Records in Japan, ‘Music City Lovers’ is a compilation that was produced and compiled…

Compilation Release: Touched 3

An absolutely monumental compilation in aid of  the Macmillan Cancer charity, featuring my Mint track “Aperture”. Released on July…

Remix: Moonbow (Mint’s Night Time Remix)

Released by Rednetic Recordings on 27th April 2016, ‘Samudra Remixes 2’ features my Mint remix of the…

EP Release: The Minotaur’s Head

Released on Kahvi.org in December 2015, a slightly more upbeat 6-track EP as part of my ‘Mint‘ project….

Album Release: Fable and Fantasy

Due for release on October 30th 2015, “Fable and Fantasy” is my fourth studio album under my…

Compilation Release: Touched 2 Remixes

Released on June 25th 2015, the follow-up to the massive Touched 2 compilation is a collection of…

Compilation Release: Touched 2

A huge compilation in aid of  the Macmillan Cancer charity, featuring my Mint track “The Cyberknife”. Released…

Remix: Echaskech – Sovereign System (Mint’s Bloodline Remix)

Released on Bandcamp by my friends Echaskech, this EP compilation features my Mint ‘Bloodline’ remix of their…

Compilation Release: “One Point Three”

Released on 11th March 2013, here’s some more detail on Rednetic Recordings’ “One Point Three” compilation, featuring…

Christa Vi - Long Way Home

Remix: Christa Vi – “Long Way Home (Mint’s Clockwork Funfair Remix)”

Released on 30th July 2012, Christa Vi’s single “Long Way Home” features my ‘Clockwork Funfair’ remix of…