I live in East London, UK with my wife and young daughter. I have a degree in Fine Art, but since completing my formal education, my career has primarily been as a digital designer and consultant, whilst running my own design company called Trickster. I also work as a musician/producer (as ‘Mint‘ and half of ‘Biotron Shelf‘ as well as ‘Murray Fisher‘). Until 2015 I also ran the independent record label Boltfish Recordings which I co-founded.

More recently I’ve worked as a film production designer and written several children’s books. I’ve been creating and devouring stories in written and visual form since childhood. I enjoy combining the products of my own visual mind with my love of the English language.

When I have spare time, I enjoy taking photos, making videos, writing and drawing, cycling, scuba diving and running, listening to music and cooking things without recipes.

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