Guest Radio Mix: Purple Radio Open Decks

In July 2020 my friend InputJunkie invited me to broadcast a 1 hour Mint mix for Purple Radio‘s show ‘Open Decks’.

Delving into my personal music collection, I pulled out 14 tracks across a selection of genres including music from Underworld, Leftfield, Stina Nordenstam, Ty and others. Making many of my selections in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, tracks such as Black Dog’s ‘Mental Health Hotline’ reflects the trials of lockdown, Talvin Singh’s ‘Butterfly’ echoes a hopeful vision for the future and Ty’s ‘Wait a Minute’ commemorates the untimely death of the artist from COVID-19.

The resultant mix is now available on my Mixcloud at

Mint’s Electric Eclectic Mix

  1. Underworld – Cowgirl
  2. Ty – Wait a Minute
  3. Posthuman – Europa Sky
  4. Ochre – Arkhangelsk
  5. Digitonal – Autumn Round (Mint’s Springtime Remix)
  6. Vector Lovers – Afterglow
  7. Leftfield – Original
  8. Talvin Singh – Butterfly
  9. Black Dog – Mental Health Hotline
  10. Stina Nordenstam – Sailing
  11. Epic45 – Forgotten Moments
  12. Hammock – Breathturn
  13. Obfusc – Headlight Gaze
  14. Oblong – Indicator

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