I write stories, primarily aimed at Middle Grade readers (age 9-12), featuring exciting adventure, science fiction, fantasy and more. I love creating characters and worlds that aim to flex a child’s imagination. I’ve also written screenplays and children’s picture books.

I’ve studied with the Golden Egg Academy and been shortlisted and longlisted for competitions with Write Mentor, Chicken House Books and The Oxford Centre for Fantasy/Pushkin Books.

My first completed novel was an expansion on the album I released in 2011 called ‘The Metronomical Boy‘. That seed continued to grow for several years, eventually bursting into a life of its own as a historical fiction with a magical backdrop – ‘The Lightweaver Chronicles: The Metronomical Boy’. A kind of ‘Indiana Jones meets Pinocchio’ adventure, intended as the first in a trilogy.

My second novel ‘Underlings: The Spark Engine’ delved into more dystopian science fiction territory, following characters through a subterranean city riddled with secrets. Again, the first in a potential series of books. Passing comparisons could be Jeanne DuPrau’s ‘City of Ember’ or Hugh Howey’s ‘Silo’ series.

The best place to keep up to date with my writing journey is via my Twitter account.

Selected Work

Underlings: The Spark Engine

When orphan Evin narrowly escapes death while working in the subterranean city Lode’s mines, she discovers a skeletal hand holding a key and a mysterious note – just as she’s banned from the mines for ever. Hungry and hopeless, Evin and her mechanical dog Jet must work their way up towards the surface in order to unravel a mystery that could rupture the very heart of this tightly-ordered world.

The Lightweaver Chronicles:
The Metronomical Boy

When Ina Gudmund travels to Egypt with her archaeologist father, she deciphers a trail of clues to a living, mechanical boy in an ancient Egyptian tomb, but to stop sinister forces from destroying the boy for his magical secrets, Ina must uncover the mystical power of the Lightweavers.