Remix: Winter North Atlantic – A Memento for Dr Mori Remixes

BOLTLP011_DrMoriRemixes_300pxA remix contribution as Mint to Winter North Atlantic’s latest album “A Memento for Dr Mori – Remixes”, released on Boltfish Recordings.

My interpretation of  ‘The Flute Player’ is a Western inspired track  – The Flute Player (Mint’s Loner Remix).


  1. The Maid – Fieldhead Remix
  2. Cuts and Tears -Dextro Remix
  3. Occam’s Razor – The Gentleman Losers ‘Principle of Parsimony’ Remix
  4. Fallen Fruit – Paul Sleaze Windfall Mix
  5. Bokor – Damien Shingleton Remix
  6. The Flute Player – Mint’s Loner Remix
  7. Fall of Stone – Cheju Remix
  8. Kinay 816 – Bracken Remix
  9. Guidonian Hand – Animat Can of Worms Mix
  10. Opportunity Mist – John Ashton Remix
  11. Barrel Organ – The Declining Winter Remix

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