Remix: BTB – Who wants to be healthy in this sick world?

BOLT042_WhoWantsToBeHealthyInThisSickWorld_300pxBTB returns to Boltfish Recordings for an album of his own blisteringly good tracks and some superb remixes from other artists too, including my own Mint remix of the track ‘Bugree’.

As well as producing the remix I also created the album artwork for this release.


  1. Building A Better Life Through Living
  2. Ill Brain
  3. Climatic Dot
  4. Medicine All Days
  5. Bugree
  6. I Have Diagrams and Mushrooms
  7. Life to B#
  8. Sweet Lysoform
  9. Vip r (Cheju Remix)
  10. Bugree (Mint’s Electrified Remix)
  11. I Have Diagrams and Mushrooms (Milieu’s Mushroom Field Remix)
  12. Tykua (Melodium Remix)

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