Album Release: “Binary Counting”

My first album, released on CD by U-Cover Records and featuring 10 tracks of previously unreleased material.

Several of the tracks featured on this album have become mainstays of my live sets, with some of their titles inspired by Eastern art and architecture.

  1. Binary Count 05:08
  2. Clear Little Vision 04:19
  3. Remote Eyes 06:12
  4. Western Extreme 06:08
  5. The Red Bird Of The South 05:06
  6. Silent Sentinel 05:33
  7. Chromakey 05:05
  8. Golden Dragons 06:10
  9. The Six Dynasties 06:02
  10. Dreaming Of Fireflies 07:04


Released 01 August 2007
All tracks written and produced by Murray Fisher


Translated from original French Review
“After an EP released on U-Cover MiniDisc at the beginning of year, it’s on Belgian U-Cover’s ‘Transparente’ sub-label, presented in a transparent trim-pack case, that MINT offers what proves to be his first album. Indeed, if you’ve followed the Englishman’s productions for 3 years he has only created short format releases until now. On this 10 track disc you’ll find all the qualities of Murray Fisher: melody science, the capacity to create an immediate hook, passing from rhythmic tracks to more delicate and alleviated ones without forgetting pure IDM territory (Chromakey). As for the sounds employed, MINT can also diversify: the gracious melodies of Clear Little Vision and Red Bird of the South to the 80’s consonances of Remote Eyes, the metallic sounds of Golden Dragons to the background beats of The Six Dynasties. As convincing when listened to via speakers or headphones, in low or full volume (in order to benefit fully from the vertiginous character of certain elements), Binary Counting therefore sounds like an ideal summary MINT’s career. You’ll simply regret that this release is a little too confidential (released on a sub-label, without cover artwork, and limited to only 500 copies) which will probably prevent its diffusion. A broader recognition will probably have to wait until the next album.”
7 out of 8

“Boltfish co-owner Mint gets down to business on this U-Cover Transparente release. Following on from the Cheju CD from a little while back, this is yet another classy, honest and really well put together selection of classic electronica sounds. Mint’s influences are clear and he puts in some great electro inspired rhythms as well as wonderfully melodic pads and chords. This is about as pure as it gets for this style of electronic music and it’s another real treat for those that like it tuneful. Great stuff once again.”

“The eighth and last release on our u-cover transparente label is done by Murray Fisher AKA Mint. With Binary Counting, Mint delivers his debut CD album after several releases on CDR- and NET-labels. Again he covers and eclectic range of electronic genres. From eighties electro to nineties Warp-styled electronica to 2000 century well crafted IDM style. All tracks made with a well balanced production. Binary Counting stands for tracks with an overall superb composition. Mint isn’t a newcomer on U-cover. Early this year he released on our 3″ CDR minidisk label the classical ‘Chasing Shadows’. In 2006 together with Wil Bolton AKA Cheju, as Biotron Shelf an excellent limited CDR release on our acclaimed CDR label before.
Binary Counting is coming in a transparent Trim-pack case and will be limited of 500 copies for the world!”

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