Album Release: Fable and Fantasy

fable-fantasy-frontDue for release on October 30th 2015, “Fable and Fantasy” is my fourth studio album under my ‘Mint‘ moniker. It’s a 12-track album of electronica, house and electro-pop, which features some narration, vocals and acoustic as well as electronic instrumentation, plus some field recordings.

The album is released on Boltfish Recordings, both digitally and as a lovely Limited Edition Digipak CD.

As a whole, the album follows an over-arching narrative between light and darkness, echoing that of many popular fables and fairytales, couched between tracks one and eleven, departing on a darker note with the bonus twelfth track that serves as a precursor to the free EP “The Minotaur’s Head” due for release on in November 2015.

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  1. Returning To Light
  2. Simple Routines
  3. Each Frozen Breath
  4. The Phantom Tollbooth
  5. We Are All Nim
  6. Clouded
  7. Boards Skit
  8. Lie Back, Hands Down
  9. The Boy With The Star
  10. Atavism Revisited
  11. Without Light
  12. 7000 Needles (Bonus track*)

Official Video for ‘Simple Routines’


Norman Records
“Enter a dreamlike world with Mint’s fourth full length album, where surreal vocals will pull you away from the everyday reality of field recordings. In this hybrid place, there is no dichotomy. Only beautiful electronic truth.”

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