EP Release: “Milk and Three”

Released for free on Kahvi Collective ‘Milk and Three’ is a 3 track EP of retro styled electronica.

  1. Last Rights 03:30
  2. Bright Lights, Bright Ideas 04:24
  3. Why Does Nobody Like Me? 06:25

Available to download for FREE from: http://mint.bandcamp.com/album/milk-and-three-e-p


Released 07 July 2005
All tracks written and produced by Murray Fisher


“Its back – back to the oldskool – with this small ep from uk artist mint. a severe retro embelishment of audio arrives in the form of milk and three ep – its got it all, ancient pads and drones, chilled out analogue and the last track – bright lights, bright ideas – sounds amazingly similar to a certain uk techno act from years gone by (orbital for those who dont know). nice vibes abound, interesting sounds provide – so go ahead, listen and enjoy.”

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