EP Release: “Sketches In Crayon”

‘Sketches in Crayon’ is a 4 track EP released through Florida-based LacedMilk Technologies.

  1. Better Days 04:32
  2. Biro 04:56
  3. Denny’s Home 04:39
  4. My Beautiful Water Lily 03:58

Available to download for free from:


Released 14 March 2005
All tracks written and produced by Murray Fisher.
Cover artwork by Murray Fisher.
“Sketches in Crayon is Mint’s first release on LM Tech, and is one that contains 4 very well produced downtempo melody-driven aural visions. The melodic synthlines & soundscapes throughout these tracks are great for invoking moods of chillout & relaxation. The tracks in this release may also invoke such nature sceneries of green mountain landscapes, azure oceans, and drifting clouds. “

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