Compilation: Elpa Second Compilation – Secret Shelf Collection

elpa08-frontElpa (I released a track on their first compilation), requested a track for their 2nd compilation, released on 21st June 2007.

I produced the track ‘Learning to Walk’ which uses a strong melody I plucked on my vintage banjo, as well as a fast-paced rhythm.


  1. Sqiz – Innerswitchside
  2. ENV(itre) – Vlafaerr
  3. Atmogat – After All
  4. Cheju – Tephra
  5. Plastik Kettle – You’ll Never Fall Again
  6. Kondencuotas Pienas – Laura Is A Lounge Lover
  7. Mint – Learning To Walk

The release can be found on Discogs at:

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