Compilation: Elpa Sixth Compilation – Water Drift

Released on Feb 12th 2009, Elpa’s 6th Compilation features my track “Feathered Outlines”.

As the label describes it:
“The sounds collected in this edition let us feel the gentle touch of the water surface. Getting ready to fly like a water bird… Soar up, spreading the wings. 12 different moods for one carefree travel to the labyrinth of emotions, 12 ways to change reality. Which one will you find to be the most pleasant?”


  1. macabro – Iah
  2. Simiram – Ghost and Mirror
  3. recoveryUnit – Blue Bounces
  4. Plico – Tutto quello che di Vero c’è in me
  5. Mint – Feathered Outlines
  6. Sasha Makin – Saturn
  7. Pl@netarium – Confluence
  8. Data Unit – Above
  9. Che-Back – Tach SUB
  10. PinkLogik – Fuschia
  11. ENV(itre) – Calpectr
  12. Kakao – Vals

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