Remix: Obfusc – Internal Countryside

BOLT031_InternalCountryside_300pxObfusc’s debut album, released on Boltfish Recordings features 5 original tracks and 4 remixes, one of which is my Mint remix of Orthodox Contortionist (Mint’s Spiral Mix).

Fellow artists Cheju, Milieu and Ova Looven also contributed remixes to this instantly classic album.


  1. Friends Fade In Fade Out
  2. Before We Lose Our Legs
  3. Jade Tree Ghost Town
  4. Grand Chasms Trace The Sky
  5. Orthodox Contortionist (Mint‘s Spiral Mix)
  6. Jade Tree Ghost Town (Cheju‘s Tacit Blue Mix)
  7. Before We Lose Our Legs (SBCF1 Milieu Mix)
  8. Friend Fade In Fade Out (Ova Looven Remix)
  9. Goodbye Forever (Departure)

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