Remix: Moonbow (Mint’s Night Time Remix)

Released by Rednetic Recordings on 27th April 2016, ‘Samudra Remixes 2’ features my Mint remix of the track ‘Moonbow’, alongside other remixes by Infinite Scale, Z-Arc and Joseph Auer.

The five track release is FREE to download from Rednetic’s Bandcamp store, and is based on tracks from aAirial’s 2016 album “Samudra”.


  1. Moonbow (Infinite Scale Remix)
  2. Moonbow (Mint’s Night Time Remix) 
  3. Happiness Is the Way (Joseph Auer Remix)
  4. Moonbow (Joseph Auer Remix)
  5. Moonbow (Z-Arc Remix)

Download the release from:

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