EP Release: “Corrugations”

In advance of their much anticipated album “Cloud Bands and Arabesques”, released in July 2011, Biotron Shelf present a FREE 4-track EP as part of our ongoing digital series.

The “Corrugations” EP was written at the same time as their album, and works as a compliment to it, with its 4 unique tracks offering a blend of pace and mood throughout.

  1. Bridgehang 04:30
  2. Caliper 04:26
  3. Gossamer 04:36
  4. Surrounded by Butterflies 04:18


released 26 May 2011
© The artist/Boltfish Recordings 2011
All tracks written and produced by Murray Fisher and Wil Bolton.
Cover Photo by Wil Bolton
This free release is available for download Last.FM, Bandcamp and Archive.org

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