Remix: Christa Vi – “Long Way Home (Mint’s Clockwork Funfair Remix)”

Released on 30th July 2012, Christa Vi’s single “Long Way Home” features my ‘Clockwork Funfair’ remix of the title track.

Christa Vi is an Australian / German Singer Songwriter, based in East London. She combines her folky, storytelling songwriting style with eclectic instrumentation, electronic elements and emotive vocals. Acoustic roots, 90′s melancholy but simultaneously being seduced by a bit of 80′s synth!

My collaboration with her actually began during a chance meeting at a bar on the roof of a carpark in Peckham, South London. After some healthy musical discussion she invited me to remix one of her wonderful tracks, and we went from there.

You can buy the single from Christa Vi’s Bandcamp site on CD.


  1. Long Way Home (original version)
  2. Long Way Home (Asa & Eleven8 remix)
  3. Long Way Home (Mint’s Clockwork Funfair remix)
  4. Long Way Home (Super Class remix)

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